Truck driver CE AH, Tilburg

Details van de functie

Logo From Tilburg you start daily with a cup of coffee and a chat with your colleagues. As soon as the coffee is finished and you have collected your papers, you can get started.

The products that you are going to deliver to Albert Heijn are in roll containers. It is therefore important to put these properly in the car so that they do not shift while driving. Upon arrival at the branch, you can see on the trip list which roll containers have to be removed from the car. The advantage of Albert Heijn is that you only have to put the roll containers on the lid of the truck. Once you have brought it down, the branch staff will take the roll container off and drive it in. Of course you can always help!

As soon as the full containers have been delivered to the branch, it is important to check whether empty containers also need to be returned. These can be folded and placed in the trailer. Your end time of your working day is actually already set in advance. It could possibly be half an hour earlier or later, but your end time will not deviate excessively from the indicated time. Ideal so that you can let the home front know what time you will be home!

You can go in any direction in this position. You can choose to work full-time, but part-time from 1 day a week is also possible! As soon as you have found your niche in this work and you function well, there is a chance that the client will take over you in permanent employment!

Are you the driver we are looking for? Then apply now! You can also reach us via Whatsapp on [klik hier voor het telefoonnummer] .

You must in any case have:

A valid CE Driving license including code 95
A valid digital driver card
You can come to the stand in Tilburg yourself

first of all, a job for a longer period of time.

Salary, Conform CAO depending on your experience
8,33% holiday
25 vacantion days
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