Delivery Driver AH Online, Utrecht

Details van de functie

Logo After loading the box truck you set off. Along the way you will drive through picturesque De Meern. You ring the bell exactly at the addresses where you need to be. The one time at a large farm in Rijnenburg. The other time at a business premises in Oudenrijn. There you deliver the groceries to the kitchen. You can take any empty crates with you again. On to the next customer!

The number of hours you work can be flexibly arranged every week. Just what you want. In the morning you work between 6 a.m. and 15:00 p.m. And in the evening between 1 pm and midnight. Within these times you work an average of 6-7 hours per shift.

A job with quite a few perks: A nice pay check every week: EUR 13,13 per hour (gross) including ADV surcharge. After working for 13 weeks you will receive your first raise, totalling EUR 13,75 per hour (gross - including ADV surcharge). You will save up enough for your summer holiday in no time. Irregular hours allowance, travel expenses, vacation days, holiday pay, pension accrual. A lot of freedom: no manager looking over your shoulder, and playing your own music while you drive your box truck.
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