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Our client is a modern and medium-sized company that designs, develops, sells, produces and installs interior door systems. They are located in the region Eindhoven, Venlo, Helmond and Weert.

Colleagues have a lot of influence on the work by participating in focus meetings on improvement boards.True professionals who take pride in their work. They are happy to support that craftsmanship, among other things with a large and modern machine park. And they would like to hear your ideas about, for example, maintenance work or improvements in the field of mechanical engineering.
They give you the space to show what you can do and at the same time you can count on clear guidelines, training options, a well-considered planning and an eye for a balance between private life and work. They offer this to all their 450 employees. And maybe soon you too!

Operator is not a separate profession.
As an operator you keep yourself busy and you are specialized in machines. This also means that there are different types of operators, each with their own set of tasks.
Within the field of process technology, a distinction is made between, among other things, process operator, machine operator, or line operator.

Unlike process operators, machine operators are responsible for part of the production process. That does not make the work of a machine operator any less important.
As a machine operator you operate the machine(s) so that the production process can run smoothly. As a machine operator you are responsible for:- Setting up and converting machines
- Ensure a timely and constant supply of items such as raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging materials
- Operate machines during the production process
- Checking machines and the quality of the products
- Signaling and reporting deviations in the production process
- Solving minor malfunctions
- Report major malfunctions to the technical service and/or the manager
- Minor maintenance on the machines
- Ensuring compliance with safety and hygiene guidelines and legislation

While machine operators are responsible for a part of the production process, as a process operator you are responsible for keeping the entire process and the machines running. As a process operator, you are actually the person behind the machine. You can do a large part of your work centrally from computer-controlled systems. As a process operator, you control the steps in the production process and together man and machine ensure a top quality end product.

Process operators have a number of tasks:- Check the progress of the production process & intervene where necessary
- Performing checks on machines
- Carrying out minor maintenance (major maintenance by maintenance department)
- Start or stop the production process

In addition, as an operator you often work in a shift system, from operator in a 2 shifts operator in 5 shifts.

Your duties as an Operator are very broad and very diverse.

To make a good impression in this job, you have an active attitude and an enthusiastic attitude. You are someone who sees the work and likes to tackle it! Furthermore, our client considers the
following important:- You have at least MBO-3 work and thinking level
- Work experience as an operator / technical insight
- Preferably you have some experience with ERP systems
- You are able to read technical drawings and work on the basis of work instructions
- You can speak and understand English and
- It will be helpfull to understand the Dutch language

Our client has placed the search for Operators in the hands of WerkTalent Eindhoven. The first conversation will therefore be with us from WerkTalent. During this intake interview we discuss your wishes, ambitions and of course the positions and organizations.
If the outcome is positive, we will introduce you to our client, schedule the interviews for you and guide you through the further procedure.

Have you read this and do you have a good picture of this full-time job? And do you think 'I want a steady job and this is what I want to go for!'?
Click below or call me at our Eindhoven location on [klik hier voor het telefoonnummer] . You can also reach me trough Whatsapp on [klik hier voor het telefoonnummer] !

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