Luba Uitzendbureau

Teamleader Logistic Outbound

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The team leader is often present on the work floor and, together with the Supervisor, ensures coordination and sets priorities within the warehouse. The Team Leader is busy with yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are responsible for the processes and the team within your own department. You will be working in the Outbound team. You will start as a cooperative foreman to learn all the tricks, develop yourself and contribute on the floor. The Outbound team is responsible for the outgoing products, among other things. You are the one who continuously motivates the team and you also strive for process improvements. You are responsible for the quality and productivity figures and you coordinate the operational activities within your department. You will join a team of team leaders from the various departments within the organization. Due to the international nature of the company where you will be working, it is necessary that you have excellent oral and written communication skills in English.

Over het bedrijf

Your future employer is an international logistics service provider with locations all over the world. The company is in the top ten of the largest global suppliers of transportation and logistics services. They have different locations around Schiphol-Rijk. The company attaches great importance to safety in the workplace and the well-being of its employees.

Over Luba

Luba is het grootste uitzendbureau voor het MKB. Met de beste banen, bij de beste werkgevers bij jou in de buurt. Wij hebben altijd persoonlijk contact, zodat we weten wat je nodig hebt om te groeien. En we zijn er voor iedereen. We denken niet in hokjes, we denken met je mee. Waar je ook aan de slag wilt, er is altijd werk bij jou in de buurt. Solliciteer direct!
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