Training to busdriver

Details van de functie

Logo You can have various reasons for wanting to become a bus driver at Consolid. You like to be on the road, but also in a place with a lot of responsibilities. You are upstanding in traffic as well as to your passengers. You are stress resistant, but you like to be challenged. You have your eye on the road, and on your own future.Who chooses a job as a bus driver at Consolid chooses a profession that not only takes your passengers, but also yourself to a beautiful destination. A career that you can pursue both full-time and part-time. You set your hours. Choose varied work with a lot of freedom and at the same time a lot of responsibility. You are the captain of your bus. And the best of all: those who complete their driver education with us are then assured of a job!In short: bus driver at Consolid is a wonderful profession, which you can practice both full-time and part-time. It is a position with a lot of independence and responsibility. Can you see yourself behind the wheel of such a large bus? Do you stand firm and do you like dealing with people? Apply now for this education.We take care of your education! The education takes about three to four months. Of this you will be in school full-time for 3 weeks, followed by driving lessons 3 to 4 times a week that last about half a day. During your education you are free during the weekends and in the evenings. Consolid arranges your education and largely bears the costs. At the time of your education you will not yet receive a salary. It is important that you can bridge this period independently.

  • A starters salary between EUR2500 and EUR2900 gross a month;
  • The entire education to become a bus driver will be taken care of for you;
  • Attention for personal growth;
  • In case of a full time employment you'll know your schedule a year in advance, extremely convenient for that one birthday!
  • The prospect of permanent employment with out client.
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