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This work location in Nuenen is part of a large international company in Eindhoven and is one of the world's top high-tech packaging and tooling companies. They develop, clean, produce and manage the logistical flow of packaging for high-quality industrial products. Very fragile, expensive parts get the protection they need during transport all over the world. The strength lies in the total solution. They not only develop customer-specific packaging materials, but also take care of the entire process.

From the service center in Eindhoven, they ensure that reusable packaging is collected, cleaned and repaired to new condition anywhere in the world. They do this for global players from, among others, the semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, medical industry, machine construction and mechanical components.

The activities are divided as follows:
o Production;
o Cleanroom Solutions;
o Projects (development);
o Logistics Services.

This group employs more than 500 employees spread over 7 branches. The head office is located in Eindhoven. They also have a branch in Malaysia, Singapore and two branches in America. The company is divided into three divisions: Plastics, Precision Cleaning and Woodworking.

In more than 30 years, this organization has conquered a position at the forefront of high tech packaging. This great achievement is only possible thanks to the motivated commitment of all the professionals and teams in the fields of cleanrooms, product development, sales, production (wood processing, foam, plastics and metals), logistics and service departments.

Every day, employees are challenged to devise and produce solutions for leading and international customers in the high-end market segments of semiconductors, electronics, medical and optical technology, aerospace, machine building and mechanical components.

In short, this company has a lot to offer when it comes to personal development.

To view this company from the insite; please take a look at www.werktalent.com/vacatures/hier-kun-je-werken/hq-pack

A Logistic Worker is someone who fulfills an executive and organizing function in a warehouse or distribution center.

During the entire process of delivery, storage and shipping, the Logistics Employee is responsible for the correct course of processes.

The position of Logistics Employee is comparable to that of Order picker. The difference is that an Order picker is primarily responsible for the collection, completion and preparation of shipments, where a Logistics Employee has a broader range of tasks.

What does an (all-round) Logistics Employee do?

In general, Logistics/ Expedition Employees have the following tasks:

- Loading and unloading of trucks
- Packing and possibly repacking products / packer
- Sorting and labeling of goods
- Preparing orders for shipment
- Processing returned goods
- Checking products for quality, quantity, packaging and serial number, among other things
- Administrative processing of processes in a computer system
- Signaling and rectifying any errors or deviations from outgoing or incoming orders
- Performing minor maintenance and repair work on equipment
- Inventory of warehouse stock
- Moving goods in the warehouse using a reach truck, EPT or forklift
- Tidying up and keeping the warehouse clean

At this work location in Nuenen you work Fulltime in daytime from Mo-Fr between 7h30 - 16h30.

#Logistics Employee Warehouse Worker Warehouse Employee

In this position it is a great advantage if you speak and understand English pretty well. That is because all the safety instructions, check lists and social talk on the work floor are mostly in English.

In addition:

- You have some work experience in logistics and you enjoy working in a logistics environment
- Are in the possession of a valid forklift and EPT certificate
- You live in the area of Eindhoven, Helmond, Veldhoven, Nuenen

When you can start at this modern and growing company, you can count on the following conditions:

- A friendly and cooperative working atmosphere, no matter what
- Completely new work environment
- A good full-time salary of appr. EUR2.200 gross per month
- Travel allowance (from 10km one way) (Reiskostenvergoeding)
- Prospect of a contract for an indefinite period (Vast contract)
- Permanent work for a longer period of time

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