Truck driver retail distribution Simon Loos

Details van de functie

Logo You feel at home in the city! As a retail distribution driver at Simon Loos, you ensure fully stocked shelves in the supermarket. You navigate through narrow streets and keep your cool when the road is busy. Your cargo, both refrigerated and non-refrigerated, is on pallets and with an electric pallet truck, you load and unload your cargo at distribution centers and supermarkets. Your day shifts start between 4:00 and 6:00 AM and end in the afternoon. Additionally, you work regularly on weekends - but don't worry, you get a free day during the week in return!

  • A gross hourly wage between EUR13.94 and EUR17.64 depending on your work experience;
  • 8.33% holiday pay;
  • 25 vacation days based on 40 hours;
  • You will drive in modern trucks in the customer's corporate style;
  • Opportunities for growth through our own Academy.
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